YOU WILL NOT SETTLE, YOU HAVE MADE YOUR DECISION!No more settling for poor-fitting, average, off the rack clothes. You want to wear excellence and feel extraordinary, but you also want the entire process to be simple.

We understand your concerns. That is why, at McAlister Apparel, we have made the process of looking extraordinary…completely pain free. Here is how our service works.

Step One
You contact us and arrange for a consultation. This will be as simple as scheduling a time for Calvin McAlister to meet with you in your home or office.

Step Two
At the scheduled time, Calvin will meet with you explaining how he does business and discuss what image you desire in your wardrobe choices.

Step Three
If our service appears to be beneficial to you, you will make your selections, Calvin will take the necessary measurements and discuss any styling options.

Step Four
Within four to six weeks, your custom fit clothing will arrive and be ready to wear. If necessary, minor adjustments can then be made locally and then the items are ready to be enjoyed.

Step Five
Enjoy the excellence of your custom fit wardrobe and all of the compliments that you will receive.