Dromeuil Cloth

PASHMINA ®, 656:  A rare fibre. Its name alone evokes the great open spaces of the “roof of the world”, the deserts of Tibet and Kashmir, a universe of magic and mysterious customs. Himalaya means “kingdom of snows”: what animal can survive in temperatures that reach 40°C below zero? Pashmina goats, which protect themselves with several layers of extraordinarily fine fleece.

The nomads of Ladakh raise them in the high plateaux of Tchang Tang, at an altitude of more than 4 800 metres, where few travellers are permitted. The precious fibres are transported first toward the valley by caravans of yaks, then by mountain roads. They are sorted one-by-one, before being sent to England where they undergo a long and complex process which gives this exceptional fabric its beauty and amazing softness.

In order to produce suits with this ultra-fine fibre, used previously only for shawls of incomparable lightness, Dormeuil has perfected an exclusive, totally innovative process, which combines softness and density. To wear a Pashmina garment is a true privilege.