TROFEO 600 – ‘TROFEO’ is a legendary fabric owing its name to the excellence of the raw materials used in making it. The most precious of wools is woven with 15% naturally lustrous silk. The measure of the silk count is 600. The 600 silk yarn is the finest existing on the market, as it is five times finer than a high quality wool yarn.The natural lustre of the silk highlights the fineness and appeal of wool, making the ‘TROFEO 600’ fabric an ideal fabric for summer jackets. Naturally bright, light, with a subtle sheen and a smooth silky touch. Ideal for day or night, it is for men who love the look of silk, but also insist on the performance of wool.

COOL EFFECT – This seasons ‘High Performance Cool Effect’, blazers in the collection offer protection against the heat produced by natural sunlight, by reflecting the suns rays. The classic ‘High Performance’ woollen fabric from the Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna is given an exclusive wash treatment. This enables the surface of dark fabrics to replicate the properties of white fabrics, reflecting 80% of direct sunlight, where they would normally only reflect 20%, thus minimizes heat build up and cooling the effect of the summer sun.The ‘Cool Effect’ treatment does not effect the fabrics handle which remains light, soft and sumptuous offering the wearing not only an impeccable appearance but also maximum comfort in hot climates.