It is not only important to choose the right fabric and correct measurements, but details are important in developing the garment. This is an example of the special care that you receive when ordering from McAlister Apparel.

Tailor 091Clients with an eye for detail and appreciation of quality choose clothing that comes from tailors who care about quality workmanship. Our tailors know how to combine old-world tailoring techniques with technology in order to create the finest made garments in the world. Our garments take shape under the expert hands of artisans with a lifetime of skill.


A garment made by McAlister Apparel’s tailors starts as a roll of fabric from which a pattern is cut.  While much of today’s pattern cutting is mechanically executed, there’s always a client whose uncompromising attitude toward fit, unusual fitting requirements, or both, demand men who can chalk a tailor’s pattern onto fabric, cutting it with an eagle’s eye and surgeon’s hand.



But that’s just the beginning. Constructing a jacket means shaping fabric to mold perfectly to the subtle but complex curves of the chest, shoulder and neck. If the cutting is the foundation, the canvas-that unseen but indispensable interlining that defines a jackets shape and drape- is the scaffolding.


The jacket must now be readied for one of the most crucial steps in its genesis: the deliberate looseness lends the jacket its signature freedom of movement, lie adjacent to this critical intersection of limb and torso.




The finishing touch is just as critical, hand sewing the armhole of the jacket. As with the padding stitches that give the canvas its four layers of canvas, sleevehead, lining and outer layer of material can move.  Care and precision must be highly regarded in providing clothing for McAlister Apparel.