Dressing For SuccessThe selection of top quality clothing has never been better, but with this increase in choices it may feel impossible to select a great wardrobe. To simplify this process McAlister Apparel has structured their clothing lines into three distinct categories.

Level Three: Tailored

This man is authoritative, confident, credible, and stable. He is the decision maker, the role model. A natural for dark dressy suits, but the kind of man who is not afraid of experimenting with fashion. He does not confuse “dress for success” with “dress for recess”.

Level Two: Corner Office Casual

This man is accessible, influential, receptive, dependable, and a leader who likes his comfort. He plays all of the options and takes his sport coat to work, wearing it with a knit shirt, sport shirt, or dress shirt and tie.

Level One: Casual Tailored

This man is available, unofficial, and easygoing. His job specifications may not require a suit, but he is becoming more knowledgeable about the sport shirts, relaxed jackets, and dress or casual slacks.