Office Casual: Level Two, office casual clothing, is for the man who loves to look sharp, but at the same time wants to be comfortable and approachable. The following is an example wardrobe for level two.

Sport Coats and Blazers

Important for those occasions when a suit is too much, but something more than khaki’s and a golf shirt is needed. Sport coat outfits may be dressy or casual, and they can be worn with or without a tie, depending on the situation. There is a difference between a blazer and sport coat.

A blazer is generally of a solid color cloth and has metal buttons, usually gold or silver. Blazers are usually navy or black and can be single or double breasted.

Sport coats may be of a solid color cloth or a patterned cloth, such as herringbones, checks, plaids, and solids. Colors include blues, black & white, grays and earthtones. Sport coat buttons are usually a horn composition or may be covered with woven leather.

Dress, Casual and Transitional Trousers

Dress Trousers: Select two or three to wear with each sport coat and blazer. The five basic color categories are navy, black, olive, tan, and light gray or houndstooth. The reason is so that you can match any sport coat or sport shirt with one of those colors.

Transitional: Select one of each of the five basic colors to wear with sport shirts, knit shirts, and certain sport coats. It is transitional because it is usually a microfiber type of trouser that is not quite as dressy as a wool pant or as casual as a cotton pant.

Casual: 6-12 cotton trousers in khaki, tan, olive, black, and navy, depending on your lifestyle.

Custom Dress Shirts

At least 24 dress shirts if you wear them daily. Many executives will have more than this number to ensure that they have the proper selection, even if a week’s worth are at the cleaners, and a week’s worth are in the hamper. A recommended dress shirt wardrobe would include 10 whites, 6 blues, and 8 assorted stripes. A well-balanced dress shirt wardrobe would also offer a variety of collar styles, and would include French cuff shirts as well as button cuffs. Patterned shirts can be worn with solid blazers and solid shirts should be worn with patterned sport coats.

Knit Shirts

Long sleeved knit shirts are usually styled with mock turtlenecks or polo collars and look great when you do not want to be as dressed up. This is an especially good look for taking your wife out to dinner.

Slip-On Shoes

Black: For navy, gray, black & white clothing. Burgundy: Wear burgundy shoes with everything but black and charcoal suits. Chili or Brown: Wear these colors with earthtone and navy slacks.

Casual Belts

Sport coats should be worn with a different belt than you would normally wear with a suit. These belts could be braided, with a silver tip, or could be another type of patterned belt. Black, Burgundy and Brown belts for sport coats include calfskin, lizard, alligator, ostrich, buffalo, shark, and stingray.

Leather Jacket

A dressy leather jacket worn over a sport coat is a great look in cool weather. This is an alternative to a cashmere topcoat.