Dress Tailored: Level Three, tailored dress clothing, is for those who want to be extraordinary and stand out from the crowd. The following is a example wardrobe for those who are looking for a style that makes a bold and confident statement about who they are.

Custom Suits

There are five basic color families of suits. Each color family is available in solids, stripes and various patterns – single breasted or double breasted.

Custom Dress Shirts

At least 24 dress shirts if you wear them daily. Many executives will have more than this number to ensure that they have the proper selection, even if a week’s worth are at the cleaners, and a week’s worth are in the hamper. A recommended dress shirt wardrobe would include 10 whites, 6 blues, and 8 assorted stripes. A well-balanced dress shirt wardrobe would also offer a variety of collar styles, and would include French cuff shirts as well as button cuffs.


Four ties per suit is recommended. This is an item of clothing that can change the total look of an outfit, so it makes sense to have a broad selection. Plus, you will most often receive compliments on your tie, so do not skimp on them. Hang your 4 ties over the trousers of the suit or sport coat and wear them only with that outfit. Otherwise, you will likely wear the same 10 ties with everything, and your wardrobe will look tired and boring very quickly.

Dress Shoes

We recommend a minimum of two weeks worth of shoes. Dress shoes will be either lace-up or slip-ons. A recommended dress shoe wardrobe: Black – Cap toe, Wing tip, or Plain toe for navy, gray, black & white clothing. Burgundy – Wear burgundy shoes with everything but black and charcoal suits. Chili or Brown – Wear these colors with earthtone and navy slacks.

Dress Belts or Braces

Black, Burgundy and Brown belts for dress include calfskin, lizard, alligator, ostrich, buffalo, shark, and stingray. Braces (suspenders) are always a classic style. Also, they keep your trousers up better and you will be more comfortable because your trousers can be more loose.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are always better with dress clothing. They say, “I am the type of person that pays attention to detail.”


Do not wear a raincoat when it is cool. Wear a cashmere topcoat and you will be in a class above.